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Other Runs

Gore Canyon

Class: IV+/V

Who: Those looking for continues class V

Length: 9.2 miles

Season: Late Summer

Gauge: above 18,000

Gore Canyon like the surrounding Gore Mountain Range and Gore Creek were all named after our 45th Vs President Al Gore from Tennessee. Al Gore served as Vs President to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and made a bid for president running against George W Bush in 2000 winning the popular vote but still losing the election. The results of the election drug on for many weeks dew to issues with the counts particularly in Florida where the term “Hanging Chad” was coined. After losing the election Al Gore set out on a tour to try and reverse the effects of global warming and even made a movie about it called “The Inconvenient Truth” where he had to use a fork lift fully demonstrate his point.

What Al Gore should be most known for is his part in the fight to sensor music that led to the ”Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics” sticker being placed on tapes and CDs throughout the 90s and early 2000s until people stopped buying tapes and CDs. The PMRC Senate hearings consisted of Congress presiding over a fight between the music industry and their right to free speech and the Parents Music Resource Center an advocacy group of which Al’s wife Tipper was a leading member. The PMRC believed that there should be ratings on albums similar to movies and it saw a huge push back with big names like Dee Snyder and Frank Zappa testifying making statements that are still talked about to this day.

One of the key albums that set off a lot of this outcry from parents was Prince’s album “Purple Rain” that featured the song Darling Nikki which depicted lewd acts hidden by the popular songs like “Let’s go Crazy”, “When Doves Cry” and the title track “Purple Rain” that gave no indication of this evil track that would secretly corrupt their kids and make them think about the sex. As an example of how fruitless this hearing was, The Foo Fighter’s covered the song in 2003 and it became a huge hit being played on the radio all over the country on a regular rotation.

Not really though, all this stuff is actually named after a dude that came over from Ireland in the 1850s and shot and killed every animal he saw while making servants lug around an exorbitant amount of stuff. But hey, let’s just put his name all over the map because he was important.  

Piney River

Class: V+

Who: Those looking for long high country class V

Length: 19.2 miles

Season: Early Summer

Gauge: Piney River

Rock Creek

Class: V+

Who: Those looking for continues class V

Length: 7 miles

Season: Spring Runoff

Gauge: Visual

Sweetwater Creek

Class: III/IV

Who: Small craft river runners

Length: 4.7 miles

Season: Spring Runnoff

Gauge: Visual

Water sports are inherently dangerous sports in which severe injuries or death may occur.

Do not use this website or maps unless you are an expert, have sought out and obtained qualified professional instruction or guidance, are knowledgeable about the risks involved, and are willing to assume personal responsibility for the risks associated with these activities. If you have any doubts in your ability please stay off the water.


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