March 07, 2017
By: Randall Chapman

I’ve been busy as hell lately. Over the last two weeks I’ve worked several hours every night after work and both weekends on the camper. I managed to get the skin on both sides and the back as well as mount the windows. For skin I used FRP bought from Lowe’s. All of my research said that FRP holds up well but it doesn’t have a UV protectant to it. To combat the UV issue I painted over it with spray paint designed for use on plastic. Standard FRP glue was used to adhere the panels to the sheeting and then it rained. It rained before I could get the seams sealed up allowing water to get between causing the FRP to bubble in a few places. I pulled the bubbling panels and re glued them.

Then I started trimming out the corners and windows. For corner trim I took .090 5052 Alum and bent custom angles using the shop press-break. I bent a slight joggle on the two legs then used the 1″ round die to bend a radiused corner just to give some dimension to the trim. I painted it black so the camper would match my white truck with black trim.

The window trim I cut out of the same sheet of .090. To seal up along with the aluminum  I’m using Sikaflex 1A in black. It may be pricey but it works. At work we use it for pretty much everything and stuff that was installed 7-8 years ago is still holding up.

I still have the seems to trim and some cleanup to do then I can install the roof and make the backdoor. I hope to get this done by the end of the weekend and then I’m taking a break for a week.

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