Fire Pan

January 06, 2019
By: Randall Chapman

For those that don’t run rivers a fire pan is a leave no trace way to have a campfire. It may be used in other places but many of the permitted rivers out west are requiring them as part of the required gear, even when there’s a fire ban. I’ve brought it with me on the river every time this year but it was so dry that there was always a fire ban, so the only time I’ve used it so far was in my friend’s front yard at a gathering. That said, I’m glad I made it, and look forward to many years of use.

I pretty much copied the NRS fire pan with a couple of minor changes. I was trying to come up with something fancy and trick but the NRS pan really had everything I was looking for. I couldn’t make and sell these cheaper than NRS but I made mine out of scrap material so it worked out.

The pan is 12ga HRS and the grill is made from left over stainless steal round bar left over from a job. We had a huge pile of these bars 12”-18” that were all going to the scrape yard.

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