Two Rivers is the Mack Daddy of river access in Glenwood Springs. Designed and built by the city this park has a lot of parking, nice restrooms, covered picnic areas, a nice ramp, and even a skate park. This park wasn’t just built for boaters but it has a lot of amenities that cater to them. There is also a baseball/softball diamond and all of the other typical city park features making this an excellent place to spend an afternoon.

On weekends this is a busy park without the ramp and then the ramp gets busy serving as the primary takeout for two rivers. Patience is required here but it usually clears up pretty quick. Whoever planned the ramp at this park knew what they were doing and they created a nice flow in a relatively tight space. They gave a nice roundabout to line your trailer up for backing down the ramp and this also serves as a loading/un loading zone for Kayaks, SUPs, and other small craft.

I’ve seen this ramp turn into a cluster *&$% a couple of times when people don’t follow the flow and head down the wrong way or someone tries to cut the line. The ramp typically fills and empties in waves and I’ve found sitting back and waiting about 20 min gives me an empty ramp to load my boat. If you don’t have the patience maybe skip this ramp and head down to the South Canyon Boat Ramp about 5 miles downstream, I’ve hardly ever seen a line there.

There are things you can do here to help the ramp flow better; be kind to other boaters and don’t take up the ramp any longer than needed. Stay in the eddy above or below till your trailer is down the ramp. Wait your turn, don’t de-rig more than necessary. Don’t strap your entire rig down on the ramp, load your boat and gear and drive up to the parking lot to get ready to roll down the hwy. Good advice at most any boat ramp! Kayaks, SUPs and other small craft can takeout alongside the rafts and walk their gear up to the roundabout. There is a large grass area to lay all of your gear out to dry while you wait for things to clear up and your vehicle to get it’s turn in the roundabout.

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