This launch only gets 2 out of 5 stars because of the 200 ft walk, with all of your gear, between the river and your car. The railroad tracks unfortunately make a boat ramp here all but impossible. That said a nice pit toilet and parking area have been built here. There is a bridge over a drainage for the tracks that makes this launch possible and it allows you to get all of your gear on or off the river without worrying about the train.

On your drive in to this launch you will drive through a big paved area that was used by the Department of Energy back when this area was a hub for uranium mining during the cold war. All that remains is the asphalt but back in it’s heyday this area saw millions of pounds of uranium and it’s tailings. There used to be a rail spur down the middle of the asphalt that allowed trains to be loaded and unloaded with mill tailings.  

There is fishing access on the river on the southwest side of the CO 141 bridge that could potentially be used to launch kayaks, SUPs, and other small craft but it only cuts about 3/4 of a mile off and it’s not a very good place to launch.  

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