The Shoshone Boat Ramp is in an odd place. Underneath a major interstate highway in a tight canyon, this was originally the access and parking for employees of the hydroelectric plant and if it wasn’t for the powerplant this access point would not exist. Fortunately, they allow public access and have even built a decent boat ramp. The ramp is not one you can back a trailer down and you’ll have to carry your gear about 100ft to the water’s edge. There is very limited parking but as only boaters use it, it doesn’t get as crowded as someplace like Grizzly Creek where the general public also uses it. There is no eastbound onramp to I 70 and no westbound exit. If you are coming from and returning to the east you will have to go to Grizzly Creek to get here or get back home.

This is one of those places where they obviously did the best they could with the space they had. The echoes of the highway can be overwhelming while unloading and getting ready here but once you get on the water the roar of the river drowns out the highway and you have to remind yourself it’s even there. I’ve heard people complaining about the highway while unloading here many times over the years but I always think about how the highway got me here and if I want a more remote experience there are plenty of other places to boat, this is about convenience.

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