Town Float

This is a beautiful run at the beginning of the Grand Valley with views of the Grand Mesa, Book Cliffs, and Mount Garfield. This relatively mellow stretch makes for a good float and it is a good place for introducing new people to the river at low flows. There are no rapids to speak of on this stretch however there are a few wave trains that add a little excitement every now and then. Some of the side channels can add a little more excitement at higher flows but you can get stuck and have to walk at lower flows.

Most people run from River Bend Park to Corn Lake but the stretch between the Palisade Rim Trailhead and River Bend is quite beautiful and worth running. Back when I lived in Palisade near River Bend Park (when I first moved to the Grand Valley) I would often run from Palisade Rim to The Bend and it only took a couple of hours leaving the rest of the day open to do other things.

There is a piece of farm equipment in the middle of the river on this stretch that looks like a hay swather though it’s hard to tell as it is underwater, whatever it is it should be avoided. This was last seen by me during the 2019 river clean up about half way between River Bend and Corn Lake (39.075720, -108.418334). Hopefully in time we can get someone to remove this hazard but until then please be careful, when I saw it last it was just below the surface.

The Tilman Bishop State Wildlife Area is a 100+ acre Colorado State Park where one can hunt deer, water fowl, and small game as well as fish. This Park is named after Tilman “Tillie” Bishop, “Colorado’s fourth-longest-serving legislator, served as a state representative and state senator. He also was a Mesa County commissioner, University of Colorado regent and Colorado Mesa University trustee”, according to an article in the GJ Daily Sentinel. Reservations are required to hunt here and they can be obtained through their website.

For more information on the Colorado River through the Grand Valley head over to our Grand Valley page.

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