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River Maps from Junktown Guides are detailed maps of popular sections of river throughout Colorado and Utah. These pocket-sized waterproof maps give enough detail to navigate the river while the website gives more information to help you prepare for your next trip. Designed and written by a prolific local… Read More….

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Mountaineers Axe and Ice Tools

Mountaineers Axe and Ice Tools

Several years ago I made a set of ice tools and a mountaineers axe, I can't recall when exactly but it was around 2006 or 2007. I was working at the shop that had the water jet. The shop I worked at used to make sand blasting cabinets for a local company that made...

Training Room

Training Room

The Grand Junction Climbing Center was one of the dungeon gyms of old. Built in 1996 by a couple of local climbers it was built in an old industrial building that used to be used by the rail road to work on train engines. This was how most gyms were built back then,...

Sub Enclosure

Sub Enclosure

When I was around 20, I started a small side business building custom speaker boxes for car audio for competitions. I mostly did work for friends and got paid in beer more often than money but it was fun and I learned a lot. I was obsessive about making...

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