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River Maps from Junktown Guides are detailed maps of popular sections of river throughout Colorado and Utah. These pocket-sized waterproof maps give enough detail to navigate the river while the website gives more information to help you prepare for your next trip. Designed and written by a prolific local… Read More….

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Dry Boxes

Dry Boxes

If I had to choose between the river and climbing, I don’t think I could. From time to time one becomes more important to me and I focus more energy on one than the other but that flips all the time. I’ve been climbing longer but since I started kayaking in 2009, I’ve...

Paint Can Apparatus

Paint Can Apparatus

In the training portion of the blog I keep referring to the paint can apparatus and I thought I’d do a quick write up so people following would know what I’m talking about. The term “paint can” comes from when I used to own the climbing gym. I had built a training...

Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes Course

One of the first things I built when I bought the local climbing gym was a low ropes course. I was the director of the Orange County Challenge Course for about 4 years when it first opened and wanted to have something more to offer kids during our summer...

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