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Cycle 2 Week 10

Circuit of the week Round 1 Paint cans ** Lawn mowers * Tailgate step ups Jumping jacks Round 2 Split stance alternating hammer curl * Pushups Levitation squat * Bird dogs * Med weight dumbbell ** Paint Can aparatice Workout Descriptions: Core! Circuit Cardio Stretch...

Training Room

The Grand Junction Climbing Center was one of the dungeon gyms of old. Built in 1996 by a couple of local climbers it was built in an old industrial building that used to be used by the rail road to work on train engines. This was how most gyms were built back then,...

Cycle 2 Week 9

I finally made it through part 1 on my Tai Chi app. I have all the postures from the lessons memorized; now it's a matter of working on perfecting them. The routine has three parts and they recommend that students work on part 1 for a long while before moving on to...

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