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Jeff’s Trailer Mod

You may remember my friend Jeff from episode 5 of the podcast. Back in May, I went over to his house and helped him modify his dog trailer adding an 8’ drawer. Jeff bought an old horse trailer and a slide in pop up camper and modified them to use as his...

Web Cam

In January of 2009 I went on to to look up information on routes in the area. I stayed off the forums at that time for the most part because of all of the banter and bull shit that came along with the ability to anonymously post and in some cases...

First Cycle Wrap-up

So, here I am after 12 weeks, a little stronger, a little leaner, with stronger lungs, and less back and knee pain…. I keep trying to remind myself that its not about short-term gains but it is still a little disheartening to struggle as bad as I still am on each...

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