This is a multi-use area that gets very busy on weekends and can be crowded on weekdays as well. A premier rest stop along the I 70 Corridor this is a popular place to use the restroom, soak in the views, go for a hike, have a picnic, and more. The “ramp” is not one you can back a trailer down but it’s only about 75 feet from your car to the water. On weekends, throughout the summer months, there is often a Forest Service Ranger at the top of the ramp taking a survey of how many people are using the area and they usually have an electric pump to inflate your boat. They are also there to control flow and make things run smoother. If possible try and have your gear set up so that you are only there to unload for a short time and if you have to wait for your shuttle to run either stack your gear to the far left or far right or on the grass in the middle of the roundabout.

The guides of this canyon can put even the most efficient guides of other areas to shame. I’ve seen a long bus full of clients, hauling a trailer with six rafts, be unloaded and on the water in the time it took me to unstrap my kayak from the top of the car. If a guide bus pulls up don’t fret, just step back and watch the show, it’ll be over soon and you can go back to inflating your float bags.

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