Corn Lake State Park is one of the better boat launches in the Grand Valley. It has an excellent boat ramp, usually enough parking and a decent restroom near the ramp. On weekends the lake is often crowded with fishermen and picnickers and the ramp usually has a few people there to swim in the river on hot days.

River Front Trail:

The River Front Trail heading east takes you to the corner of D ½ and 33 ½ where one can zig zag their way to the connection with the Palisade section of the trail. Heading west takes one to the 29 Rd Bridge.

Clifton Nature Park:

The Clifton Nature Park is East of Corn Lake with the parking lot being on the corner of D and 32 ½ Rd. This is potential place to access the river for those that don’t want to pay the state parks fees however it’s a long walk to the river from the parking area so it might not be worth it. If one wanted to just walk down to the river and enjoy a sand beach this could be the place but it is often crowded on weekends.

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