Connected Lakes as a park, gets 5 stars, one of the best in town. Beautiful setting, awesome lakes for fishing or paddling around, lots of trees for shade, quiet, peaceful, well maintained. If I’m going for a relaxing day at the park, which I do often, this is where I go. The boat ramp on the other hand…. It’s not the state parks fault that this ramp sucks, it’s just a bad location. Certain times of year this ramp becomes a horrendous mud pit that stinks of rotten eggs, I’ve sunk to my knees in the mud here, I’m 6’3”. It’s on the outside of a bend where sediment has been laid for years and it may have to be moved to be improved but it is a good emergency ramp and it’s not always horrible. But really, it’s only .9 of a mile to the Blue Heron takeout that doesn’t have these problems so why not just float on to there.

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