The General

The General is Evolv’s newest trad shoe with a technical downturn for small edges. They have given it their Trax XE edging rubber that is a little denser than their other rubber giving it a little more dig on small edges and more stiffness providing more comfort when...

Building a Trad Rack

Recently a friend asked me about building a trad rack and asked for advice on what to buy and what order to buy it if his budget only allows him to buy 2 cams per month. It was the way I built my rack 15+ years ago and if I had to rebuild my rack again this is...

Tech Tips

Washing your Rope

Part of your general care for your rope should be a regular washing to get all the grime out. Dirt, sap, oil from your hands, aluminum from running over gear and just general over all grime can shorten the life of your rope. If you check the manufacture website for...

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