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Randall Chapman | April 5, 2020 | Travel


In August of 2019 I took a road trip with my girlfriend’s aunt. She has a house in Northern Minnesota that she has been trying to sell so she could move to Colorado. Unfortunately, lightning hit the house knocking out a several things forcing her to move back to supervise the repairs and prep the house for selling once again. We packed up what she needed in a moving truck, and headed across the heartland. Now you know me, as I travel I seek out the lesser known places to visit, the smaller attractions, the more unique experiences, Carhenge fits perfectly into this category. Located just outside of Alliance, Nebraska lies the artistic vision of Jim Reinders and his family built as a memorial to Jim’s father. In 1987 the family gathered together, taking measurements from Stonehenge, they set out to create this work of art dedicating it on the summer solstice that year. Why? Who cares, it’s random and cool. I haven’t been to the real Stonehenge yet but I will say that this is a good substitute in the meantime.  

Like anything the building of this sculpture created some controversy and several locals were against it. But despite their objections it remains, and draws in tourism from all over the world. We had gone well out of our way to stop here, staying in a hotel in Alliance and spending money in town.  Stopping here was a unique experience and I will always remember my time driving across Nebraska more fondly because of this place. 

Along with the original sculpture a few artists were invited to create other vehicle centered sculptures and place them here. My favorite was probably the wagon but the “Four Seasons” sculpture has a special meaning. 

Carhenge has been the backdrop of movies, album covers and even the center peice of a comic book. This place is full of campy humor, if you come here make sure it is while the gift shop is open. They have all the normal touristy gifts to buy like t shirts, postcards, and who can go without a Carhenge Cozy. 

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