29rd Bridge really isn’t a good place to access the river. It’s on our maps mostly because it is a good place to access the 29 Rd Wave when it’s in. Parking is almost a ½ mile walk from the river on a busy road but if one only wants to surf the wave this is a good option. Along both sides of the bridge there is a pathway down to the river. The fence on the east side marks the private property line and even though the fence doesn’t extend all the way to the river the property line does. So far, the people that own the property haven’t objected to people walking up to the wave on their property as long as they are respectful. Please keep this in mind and know that one bad encounter could shut down beach access for everyone.

The 29 Rd Wave is a newer feature that formed in 2011 when the high water changed the flow of the river and exposed a rock shelf that creates a pretty good surf wave at most flows. Unfortunately, the flow coming in just after the wave on river left is changing the feature and it may go away in time. Enjoy it’s while it’s here.

River Front Trail:

The parking area was established for the River Front Trail that several local agencies have been working on to connect Palisade to Loma with a paved walking/biking path. Heading east on the trail from here takes you to Corn Lake. West of here a handful of property owners have rejected easement across their property stopping the trail from being built through this section. You can take C ½ to link back up with the trail at Las Colonias but there is no sidewalk or even a bike lane. C ½ is not a busy street but it’s still not a very good option, I have gotten more than one flat tire because of goat heads through here. Perhaps one day the property owners will change their minds and the tail will continue through here.

Colorado River Wildlife Area:

The Colorado River Wildlife Area is run by the Colorado State Parks. There are a couple of duck blinds here that you can reserve during duck season through the state parks. Fishing in the ponds isn’t allowed in one of them because of an endangered fish and the other ponds don’t have anything to catch since they dry up at low water. River access may be possible through here but not practical.

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