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Ep 8 Jackie Hueftle

Jackie Hueftle is part owner of Kilter Climbing Holds as well as being part of the Route Setting Institute. Killer route setter and a driving force helping push the industry into a new era. Kilter  Route Setting Institute Women Up Climbing Festival  Music courtesy of...

Mountaineers Axe and Ice Tools

Several years ago I made a set of ice tools and a mountaineers axe, I can't recall when exactly but it was around 2006 or 2007. I was working at the shop that had the water jet. The shop I worked at used to make sand blasting cabinets for a local company that made...

Cycle 2 Week 11

Circuit of the week Round 1 One arm Plank row * Flying arms (dumbbell Scaption) ** Squats * Skiers Round 2 Squat, curl, press * Dips Wall sits * Mountain Climbers * Med weight dumbbell ** Light weight dumbbell  Workout Descriptions: Core! Circuit Cardio Stretch...

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