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Ep 7 Dave Lawrence

Dave Lawrence is the owner of Joshua Tree Skin Care and he sat down with me to talk about life for a bit. It was good to catch up with Dave and hear about what he has going on as well as hear about how his life has changed since leaving his job and buying and...

5150 Hooks

The 5150 hook is the latest piece of gear that I’ve been devloping. The idea came from the Alfifi and I would like to give credit to Skot Richards for coming up with a great idea and design. I think his hook design is great but when I looked at the picture of it, my...

Cycle 2 Week 1

I didn’t have time to finish creating my exercise plan for the week, I went to the American Alpine Club’s Craging Classic in Moab over the weekend and had a great time but it meant starting the week without my plan finished. No big deal though, I managed to get it...

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