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River Maps from Junktown Guides are detailed maps of popular sections of river throughout Colorado and Utah. These pocket-sized waterproof maps give enough detail to navigate the river while the website gives more information to help you prepare for your next trip. Designed and written by a prolific local… Read More….

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Giant Volume

Giant Volume

Back when I owned the old climbing gym in Grand Junction, I had a fun canvas to work with. Previous owners had built some interesting features. They worked with the space they had which often meant building around structural supports and in old office spaces, this led...

`79 GMC Sierra

`79 GMC Sierra

Back in 2006 maybe 07 I bought a 1979 GMC Sierra Grande C15, also known as a heavy half ton, truck from a guy at work for $500. At the time I was remodeling a house and I needed a dump run truck to haul lath and plaster and other construction debris. It was a good...

Portaledge Part 2

Portaledge Part 2

This is part two of this series, for part one go here. Once I picked this project up again and started putting it all together it took me about a month and a half to get it to where I could sleep on it. I had a couple of learning curve moments but everything came...

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